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Crinkle Cut Fashion: The Next Big Thing?

Gone are the days of perm pressed shirts and pants, crinkled fashion is in and it's here to stay. This trend can be scary for some, the look of a wrinkled piece can lead some to think of a sluggish outfit, but think of the upside to this tend. No. More. Ironing. The simple ease of pulling this piece out of your closet and just throwing it on. In the case of crinkled fashion, the more wrinkled it looks, the better the piece is. This pleated fabric, or "plisse" as it is also known as, is a summer trend I can get behind.

An example of this trend that is so easy to follow is a crinkled shirt. These button up tops can easily be used for many different occasions. You can wear it to the office and it will standout, or it can even be worn to the beach. The lightweight fabric is breathable and flows, making it the perfect fabric for any type of wear. Something I love about this type of fabric is it a quiet addition to any outfit, but it will still standout. It is a very easy way to add some edge to any outfit.

Another important thing about this type of fabric that it truly is transitional for the season. With it being lightweight it is perfect for those summer nights, time on the coast, and even the early Fall. Here at LuxCouture we also love that this piece is nostalgic to the 90s. Everyone gets the chance to let the 90s come back into their wardrobe with this crinkled fabric, and who doesn't want to do that?

With all of this being said, crinkled fashion is coming back into trend, and fast. It is already taking Europe by storm and is creeping into America as we speak. So don't be the last to the party and shop with us now!

Cotton tie-dye lightweight button up

Easy breezy gauze dress

Number one selling button up gauze shirt

*Both the shirts and the dress come in different colors and the dress is offered in different lengths as well as having the option to be shorten if desired.

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