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Red Card Demin Made To Live In

Red Card jeans are one of our favorites around here, and we are excited to announce that we will receive new stock this week.

The fantastic thing about these jeans is that they are made 100% in Japan. This means that the quality is superb and is not available in many stores in the U.S.

Red Card jeans use a finish that has selective fading, which gives these jeans the look we all know and love. The craftsmen also use the technique of whiskering, making those thin and faded lines, giving these jeans a vintage look and feel that is all the rage right now.

Red Card values high fashion literacy, which is seen and felt in their products. The Japanese sensibility in their advanced denim fabrics from acme-made Japan denim, Supima cotton, and UJYO stitches give these jeans their fantastic look. The finale driving factor to these jeans is the fact that they are washed in one of the top facilities in the world. If that doesn't show how unique this brand and these jeans are, I don't know what does.

So head on to LuxCouture; we would love to see you and know you would love to see the new Red Card.

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