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We are one community -we are supporting each other

These are challenging times, Corona hit us over the head . We heard about it, but did we think we would be the next country ?One day we woke us up to fear , frustration and a sense of helplessness.

This will pass, when I wish I could say.

We are all in this together. We want everyone to be safe. We are all doing what is right and will contribute in any way we can to eradicating this sooner than later

Social distancing. We are on board with......

Starting tomorrow we will not open our doors, but we will be working behind the scenes at the store with you in mind.

Call us , test us and keep in communication as we all support each other through these times.

Beat the boredom... and let us show you how you can still have a great experience from the comfort of your home-

We are setting up lots of ways , which we will share with you tomorrow

Be safe

Be smart

Sari Melissa & Fran


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