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The Tennis Bracelet -What You Want To Wear Now

Did you know that the first "tennis bracelet " was actually called a diamond line bracelet first coming into promienence in the 1920's.

The "tennis" name came 50 years later and was made widly popular by tennis star Chris Everet who wore one during tournments

She was SO ahead of her time, making comfortable sport clothing so glam.

Fast forward .... comortable clothing is the way we want to dress , and what is better than to follow in the footsteps of history? The item du jour is the tennis bracelet.

This time around the "tennis bracelet" is super tiny and barely there so to speak. Only we all know it is there as it glistens on your wrist.

Georgeors and Glam! Wear everywhere with everything.

Just in time for Tax Free (Week) which officially kicks off on Saturday we have the "one"

The perfect size

The perfect sparkling diamonds

At a sparkling price.

We Shop The World For You

This is our favorite time of year, TAX FREE

Shop with us! Fall collections are better than ever~!


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