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The Perfect Summer Handbag

The buzz in fashion is "sustainable" "recycled" "vegan".

Sound familiar?

We all have the same idea really, in the back of our minds...... There is a lot to choose from lately.

We fell in love with these bags. As a life long handbag fanatic, I had a zen moment when I discovered these. Images of walking along the streets of East Hampton or Nantucket because clear. An AHA moment of sorts. I just had to have these.

We simply love these cute mini summer bags, complete with the cool vibe twilly wrapped around the handle, (essential crossbody strap included).

Made from recycled Coffee Bean Bags! Yup -- the coffee you drink each morning.

Those bags........

A fun little bag, contributing to the sustainable trend. What's not to love?

The price is fun too ~!

In-store now~ Cool colors for hot Summer days.

Grab one before your vision of summer in the sand is gone.

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