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New Desmalter Bags

The name Desmalter relates to the 18th century as a traditional craftsman. His family had been furniture makers for five kings. In 2020, Fedor Georges Savchenko brought the brand back. The brand is all about timelessness, elegance, and authenticity.

We are excited to announce that we just got some new products from Desmalter, the Griffon Tote, and they are a unique shape bag from this brand. Below are images of the totes! At LuxCouture, we love these bags, hence why we all carry them! We love these bags and hope to see you soon to experience the art of handmade luxury.

The best part about these bags is that the straps move so they can be adjusted, and the leather is so soft. These are hot new items, so come in quick before they're gone!

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