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Knee Grazer Shorts: The Next Hot Thing this Summer

Jeans shorts, or jorts as we commonly call them, are something that are always in style. What is interesting for this season is the long jean short is very much in style. To be exact the knee grazer pant is trending. The knee grazer short hugs at the waist, follows a straight line and flows out a the knee. These type of pants fill out your figure and look good on anyone. The also help to give off that hourglass shape that we all know and want, as they hug at the hips. Another fun aspect about these shorts is that they are much more modest than normal jean shorts. With them only being tighter at the hips. They are still in style though because of the fit of the overall short.

A super easy way to style this short is by adding a blazer to the top. With a wider leg short, but a tighter middle, when you layer a blazer over it it gives the shorts a overall polished look. With a blazer this look will be perfect for in the office or out on the town. To style this piece down, but still look great, pair it with a simple tee shirt by tucking it in. This will still help to dress up the simple short you are wearing. Something else that I recommend wearing with this short is a belt. It will further give off that hourglass shape and bring attention to the outfit.

Here at LuxCouture we are behind the knee grazer short trend and we want you to be behind it too. The easiest way to do that is to stop by our store and get a pair for yourself!

*Shorts offered in different colors

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