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Jade Trau is Coming to LuxCouture

I never stop hunting for inspiration, whether is is for clothing to stock the store with or jewelry which is my OTHER passion.

Each May I make the trip to Las Vegas where all jewelry designer, PR vixens, Press and everyone and anyone involved in this unique business.

Its a chance to rub elbows with the best of the best. Diamonds galore. Jewelry that takes your breath away from all over the globe.

This season I have my sights set on Jade Trau. I actually made an appointment! I am usually never on time so I don't like to schedule. However this was different

I followed Jade Trau on Social Media and became completely enamoured with Jade's jewelry ..... I wanted it all!

"All of my pieces are meant to be worn layered and have the feeling of something totally familiar, yet new and fresh." It is all of this and more.

And so the story begins. The betty necklace literally took my breath away.

Jade Trau Betty Necklace
Jade Trau Betty Necklace

It is the piece I wear every day as my "foundation" and layer away

We are so thrilled to host our first Jade Trau Jewelry Event

Join us Thursday September 5th and 6th 10-6

Lunch will be served on Thursday!

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