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5 Tee Shirt Colors to Bring your Wardrobe to the Next Level

Tee shirts, the staple in all of our closets. A simple tee shirt can be made in so many different ways that it can take our closet from drab to fab, depending on the color and cut. A tee shirt can easily be dressed up or down.


We think of red and automatically our heads drift to stop signs, passion, and dominance. This is exactly what a red tee shirt will do to your closet. Red is on of the most eye catching colors around. Because of this red can easily be worn for nights out on the town, romantic gestures, or even just the casual day out. When wearing this color out eyes will drift to you, there is no wrong way to wear this showstopper color. We can thank Hollywood glamor from this past year for bringing this bright, but classic color back into todays trends.


Sand is a color that has been trending for the last season, this season is nothing different. This color gives off the aura that you are laid back, but still put together. Sand is similar to white in the monochromatic and simplicity that it gives a outfit. White often shows a very clean cut outfit, cream does the same, but spices it up a bit. Sand is a color you are going to want in your wardrobe for those days where you need to dress for business, but still want to have that fun edge.

Baby Blue:

Blues are a color that will always be needed in your closet. The shade of baby blue is something that you will want for this season. This ode to the 60s is perfect to stick under blazers, it will easily dress up the tee shirt. The baby blue contrast the red in the way that this is a soft shade that is easy to wear for any person. Baby blue is also perfect for this season as baby blue goes perfect with those summer tans you are going to get. The soft color will lay nicely along the skin, highlighting your tan.


Turquoise, that color that all makes us think of gems. Well, it's back in style and it's here for clothing this time. Turquoise is a mood bosting color, wearing it as a tee shirt can cheer up any outfit. A lot of people are scared to style this bright color, but pair it with something neutral and the outfit will be about the shirt, which is exactly what we want. This color is also perfect for this season as it is trending in beach areas as well. Use it as a simple cover up, or exploring tee when you are on your summer vacations this season.

Dusty Blue:

Dusty blue is the perfect mixture of blue and grey that can easily be added to any outfit. This color is the perfect in between from work and play. A tee shirt in this color can easily be added to any wardrobe to make the transition from day to night simple. This beautiful shade of blue is something you are going to want.

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